Odering a Collage or Facebook Cover


Select one photo for the collage and go to the view option and prices then select the size collage you want to purchase, then once you choose the size and Qty: there is a box that says Comments that is where you will fill in the rest of the photo numbers for the collage if you do not have enough room for the photo numbers then you will need to email me the photo numbers and any information needed to complete the collage. photosbymaria@yahoo.com

Please make sure you send the full photo number in order for me to look up the photos

Example ( 9-20-10246 )

Odering a Name or School collage. Please select about 10-15 photos i will choose the photos that best fit in the letters. Please email the photo numbers, jersey# Name of Student and School name or any information you would like on the collage. We offer 12x36 and 12x24 size.

If you are looking for a certain size Collage or a certain design just email me and i will see what we can do for you.

We now offer 12x12 Scrapbook Collages. You can have a collage made and slip the photo into your 12x12 Scrapbook.


Choose about 4 to 5 photos for your cover. When placing an order select one photo then go to check out, then select facebook cover to purchase there will be a box that says comments that is where you will type in the rest of the photo numbers you selected or you can email that information to me.

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